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Questions? contact
Deanna Fildey

Questions? contact
Deanna Fildey

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Reminder: New Drop Off & Pick Up Policy

This summer Little Wrangler Day Camp drop off and pick up will happen outside of the specific camp rooms and they will occur in two different locations. The 1-2 grade camp and the Tuesday/Thursday camp will drop off and pick-up at the main entrance to PAC, just inside the lobby doors. The 3-5 grade camp will pick up and drop off at the South entrance of PAC( these are the doors up the staircase between the High School and PAC). Parents dropping off campers will be encouraged to stay 6’ apart while waiting with their child(ren). Staff will take temperatures (no -touch) with an infrared thermometer and ask parents to sign in only if they can validate that their child is asymptomatic and has not recently had exposure to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. No camper will be allowed to sign themselves in for the day. At check-out, staff will radio to camps to let staff know to send children out for check-out. We ask that parents please respect our new drop off / pick up policies by also ensuring that campers are dropped off only between 7:45 to 8:30am and picked up between 4:45 and no later than 5:15pm. On Fridays, all campers will enter PAC through the main entrance and lobby. We ask that children and their households always be symptom free before coming to camp and that any child or household that has had contact with someone known to have covid-19, please stay home. 

Thank you!

Thanks to the following organizations for their support of Little Wrangler Day Camp and our programming.

Thanks to Vahé Alaverdian of Falcon Force for bringing his birds and showing us how he uses them!

Meet Your Counselors

Camp is a little different this summer, and you won't necessarily get the chance to see your child's counselors as much as in years past. So here's a bit about them!

RANGER AIMEE - 3rd - 5th Grade Camp


About me: Hi! My name is Aimee Gray. I just finished my junior year at the University of Wyoming. I am studying kinesiology and health promotion and physical education. I have worked with Little Wrangler Day Camp the past two summers. I am so excited to be back for my third summer with camp! I love spending time outside with family and friends, camping, hiking, fishing and boating!

The perfect S'more: For me, the perfect s'more is a golden brown roasted marshmallow, with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on top, sandwiched between two Chips Ahoy cookies. I’m looking forward to exploring and finding the Call of the Wild with the kids this summer!

RANGER COOPER - 1st - 2nd Grade Camp


About me: Hello, My Name is Cooper Crockett! I am from Pinedale, Wyoming and I am currently majoring in Elementary Education at the University of Wyoming. I love winter! I am an avid Skier and Snowboarder, but I also love to hike and fish in the summer. This is my second year at Little Wrangler Day Camp. I will be working with the 1st and 2nd graders and I'm super excited to get the summer started! I had a blast last summer and I learned a lot that will help me in the future as an elementary educator!

The perfect S'more: For me the perfect s’more starts with a fully burnt marshmallow. After making the marshmallow black and burnt, I then add two half of chocolate to each half of the graham cracker (Because why only put half of a chocolate bar on there?). After these steps have been completed, smoosh and enjoy!

RANGER MARIAH - 1st - 2nd Grade Camp


About me: Hi! I’m Mariah Nystrom. I’ve recently moved back to Pinedale after living in Germany for the last few years and I’m excited about all of the outdoor adventures we will be going on together this summer. I am an artist, and you may have seen some of my Mountain Attire painted hats or stickers around town! I spend my free time hiking, fishing, camping, and making art. Pinedale is the perfect place to explore and I can’t wait to get to know all of the campers! My favorite outdoor activity is fly fishing and my favorite call of the wild animal is a pika.

The perfect S'more: The perfect Smore is certainly a SMOREO, and if no Oreos can be found I will settle for a Reeses Peanutbutter Cup as my melty addition.

RANGER MAGEN - 3rd - 5th Grade Camp


About me: Hi! My name is Magen Rohrer! I was born and raised here in Pinedale. I am a junior at the University of Wyoming where I am studying kinesiology and health promotion. I love all things outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, boating or anything of that nature. I live an active lifestyle and enjoy all types of sports, especially when I can be competitive. My favorite times are spent with my family and friends. This is my first year here at the Little Wrangler Day Camp and I am so excited! I am looking forward to exploring and having fun this summer with the kids. I love the theme this year and I can't wait to be able to learn about animals, and explore the great outdoors! I love hiking so I can’t wait to go on one with the kids!

The perfect S'more: The perfect s'more to me is a golden brown marshmallow, with a little burn on the top, a large piece of chocolate, two honey graham crackers and to top it all off a nice schmear of raspberry jam! 

Tuesday/Thursday Camp: is being led by Deanna Fildey and Brittany Williams, who your kids likely already know! We'll get a photo of them up here soon too! We're excited to be able to offer three camps this summer! Deanna will also be lead PAC staff for our 1st - 2nd grade camp so you might see her with any of your kids throughout the summer! 

Joe Steege: This is Joe's 4th summer with Little Wrangler Day Camp. Under his leadership, camp has grown from one camp with up to 30 campers to 3 camps with nearly 50 campers! This summer he'll be your primary contact for the 3rd - 5th grade camp and you'll likely get your weekly updates from him for all camps! In addition, he'll be helping on many of our combined Fridays and will make your child feel comfortable and welcome whenever they see him.