Nine Ways the Pinedale Aquatic Center Serves this Community!

The Pinedale Aquatic Center will be celebrating its 9th birthday on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017! That’s 9 years of serving this wonderful community with high quality aquatic, recreation, and fitness programming. To celebrate we will have free admission for all on our birthday as well as some light refreshments in the morning and after school games for youth.

To celebrate 9 years of PAC, here are 9 ways that PAC makes this community better:

  1. Water, water, water – you can swim laps in it, slide down it, sit in a hot tub of it, shower in it, and play in it. PAC isn’t called an “aquatic” center for nothing!

  2. Sports leagues - winters are long and summers are short in Sublette County, but PAC has something going on year round to keep you moving, playing, and having fun competition. Basketball, Volleyball, Racquetball, and more…

  3. Workout facilities – clean, well maintained fitness equipment and free weights give you a perfect place to honor your new year’s resolutions or just stay in shape.

  4. Special events – from the summer 3 on 3 basketball tournament to the annual Haunting event, PAC has something family friendly and fun going on for everyone.

  5. Fitness instruction – PAC offers a variety of classes with expert instructors who aren’t just motivational, they’re also certified in specific disciplines to bring you safely to your fitness goals!

  6. Youth programs – hardly a day goes by that we don’t have something going on for kids. From Little Wrangler Day Camp to Jr. Jazz basketball and whitewater rafting!

  7. Indoor climbing – our mountains are famous for their climbing challenges, but you can test yourself 30 feet at a time at the Todd Skinner Memorial Climbing Wall.

  8. Party rentals – if you need a place to host a party or event, PAC has it. You can rent the party room, play laser tag, get exclusive use of the climbing wall, and even a bounce house! It’s a kids (and parents) dream come true.

  9. Great customer service – not only does PAC offer all of this, we take pride in doing it well because we know how much PAC means to this community and how much this community means to PAC! We’re “in it with you” after all. (And here are 9 photos from over our 9 years):

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