Who is the Joint Powers Board?

From left, Marie McGuire, Julie Maxam, Stacy Illoway, Chris Nelson and Bob Jones make up PAC's five member Joint Powers Board. Marie, Stacy and Chris represent SCSD#1, Julie represents Sublette County and Bob Jones represents the Town of Pinedale.

When asked what they like most about PAC, members replied, "....the service it provides our kids and community," "...the support is provides to our community," "...all the different activities that it has to offer," "...the beautiful facility that offers so many recreational activities to the children and people of this community under one roof!"

When asked why they are glad to be a Joint Powers Board Member, and what they would like to accomplish during their tenure on the board, they replied, "...to help PAC remain an important part of our community, and to help PAC continue to grow in a positive way," "...I have been on the PAC board since before the building was even built. I have been involved since the PAC was a hole in the ground and have watched it become the wonderful building it is now. I want to be involved with the best facility in the State of Wyoming!" “One thing I would like to get accomplished is that the PAC can become more self-sufficient and not rely so heavily on outside funding. I would also like to continue seeing the facility maintained at such a high level which in turn keeps it looking new." "....it is nice to be able to interact with and listen to the dedicated staff that we are very fortunate to have. We are here as a board to listen to their thoughts and make educated decisions as a whole, in order to keep PAC a huge success." "...I would like to see the JPB members work extremely hard to provide the staff with the tools they need to be able to continue the exceptional programs they have during these lean times."

PAC Staff appreciate our hard working Board and thank them for the time they are willing to spend with us. As a member of the community that benefits from PAC, tell them what YOU think of PAC when you see them around town, and thank them for their efforts to keep our great facility going strong!

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