Want to Sponsor an Event?

Frank and Karla Bird did!

PAC’s 7th annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt was proudly sponsored by Frank and Karla this year, and they’ve created a short video for you to see a snapshot of the fun we had.

Shortly after arriving in Pinedale, Frank and Karla became ‘ambassadors’ for PAC. Not only did they faithfully tend to their fitness opportunities, but they sought to learn about ALL the programs and events we offer.

One day they approached me to ask if people could make donations to PAC. Their interest was to ensure PAC would continue to thrive and to serve the community far into the future.

The Bird’s generous donation to PAC allowed us to continue offering the Underwater Easter Egg Hunt as a free event for kids and families, as we have done in the past. With recent revenue decreases, PAC has tightened its belt, and free events may happen less frequently. However, with the assistance of sponsors like Frank and Karla, this cherished spring tradition has been maintained as a free event.

They even agreed to be featured here with the Easter Bunny!

Thanks Frank and Karla---PAC appreciates your investment in our community!

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