JJ Retires

Officially, it’s been 10.5 years as Director of PAC. There were several years before that when the “idea” was brewing and the “Can we?” “Should we?” “How will we?” questions were being asked and answered. Altogether, the idea of, and the reality of PAC have occupied my professional life for quite a while...

And for it, I consider myself a very fortunate person. After all, there was risk in building PAC, this huge, expensive, unprecedented venture in Sublette County? There were naysayers and cynics, and a few who actually wanted us to fail...giving us all the more reason to prove to all concerned stakeholders that we were indeed “the place the community cannot imagine living without!”

There were a lot of years in between then and now, during which plenty of challenges, both internally and externally, presented themselves. There were changes in staff, changes in board members, changes in the economic health of the county, and subsequently, our funding. Yet through it all, we strove to remain true to our mission of serving the school and community to the highest standard possible, and to providing what the people of our community needed and wanted.

Year by year, PAC has become an “institution” of service for us all. Our kids have a place to go; together as singles or families we recreate; sports teams cross-train; parents have a safe and fun place to leave their kids while they work on their personal wellness; and people find each other…they socialize, they learn about their neighbors, they meet new friends, and they try new things.

Overall—PAC has created a healthier, happier, more engaged community. For that, I am in awe, and extremely grateful. To have been a part of this movement in our community is an honor I will never forget.

PAC is in my blood and will remain so. We joke about our “PAC Babies,” the kids who will not remember Pinedale without PAC. Maybe it’s time for a name for the adults that (will or do) have a hard time remembering Pinedale without PAC! “Friends of PAC?!” Who are you?

At the end of this year, I retire as Director. I have given it my heart, and learned so much along the way. To the amazing staff...past, present and future——I thank you. You have enriched my life beyond measure. And to my FAMILY---without your love and our closeness, I would not have been able to devote myself as wholeheartedly to this incredible adventure. You are the true story of PAC...you allowed it to happen.

And to the PAC Family...past, present and future: I say “CARRY ON, my Friends”...you are entrusted with a great treasure. Invest yourselves in it fully and ensure that the spirit of PAC lives on! Without a doubt, you make a difference!

In Humble Gratitude— JJ Huntley

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