After careful review of racquetball court use and reservation records, along with thorough consideration and discussion among PAC staff and our governing Joint Powers Board members, PAC has made the final decision to not repair the damaged racquetball court.

Plans are underway to move the PAC weight room to this area to consolidate adult fitness areas and create a new multi-use space off of the gym. This full transition will not occur until our annual shutdown the first week of June. In the interim, the glass will be removed and the area available as a multi-use space.

The floor on the remaining racquetball court is scheduled to be refinished this summer, exact dates are still pending. We encourage you to make court reservations in advance and continue to enjoy the racquetball space provided.

If you have questions, please contact Director Amber Anderson (367-2832, ext. 6245).

The glass panel broke on Friday, February 22. No persons were in the area at the time and, after reviewing video footage, no intentional vandalism is suspected.

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