PAC Under Construction - Summer 2019

Construction is underway at the Pinedale Aquatic

Center to update the air handling system. The original air handling system only met minimum air exchange requirements and, as a result, there have been ongoing issues with condensation and moisture build up due to that large volumes of water and resulting humidity in the building. This has caused significant deterioration to parts of the facility.

To address these issues and reduce the rate of deterioration, the decision to update the air handler system was approved by Sublette County School District #1 (SCSD#1) Board of Trustees.

The new system will move higher volumes of air and provide greater efficiencies in both temperature control and energy use. With the more consistent control of temperature, humidity and condensation build up in the pool areas should become much less of an issue. The project includes removing the two large HVAC units from the PAC roof and installing new, higher efficiency units on the ground. This will allow for easier access for maintenance as well as reduce the noise level of the units. The project also includes an area enhancement by adding an additional heating-cooling unit to control office and child care temperatures as well as a dehumidifying unit for the spectator area. This dehumidifying unit will only be used during swim meet to make the spectator area more comfortable for swim meet spectators.

The project is being funded by SCSD#1 through the PAC Asset Preservation Account. SCSD#1 owns the land and the building occupied by PAC. A lease agreement and service contract is signed annually outlining the services PAC will provide to SCSD#1 in return for use of the facility and operation funds from the SCSD#1 rec mil. The PAC Asset Preservation Account was established to ensure funding for capital improvement projects to the PAC building.

During the project, various areas of PAC will experience closures. Currently, the competition pool and spectator area are closed with a projected open date of July 7. The leisure pool is projected to be closed from July 15-August 17. Patrons are encouraged to visit our website and Facebook page for current area closure updates. At least one pool will be available for public use for the duration of the project.

Thank you for your patience during this project. We are excited for the final outcome!

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