2019 PAC Employee of the Year - JOE STEEGE

Joe joined the PAC team in 2017 as a Recreation Manager, primarily responsible for youth programming and special events. As a Pinedale High School graduate, Joe was already invested in the community and eager to share his energy and skills with others to continue to improve Sublette County. He understands the value of the programs PAC provides and wants others to experience what he would have loved to have growing up in Pinedale. Over the years, Joe has proven again and again that he is everything that PAC wants represented in the community. He is a team player, goes the extra mile to build relationships and trust with patrons and coworkers, and works to create bridges between PAC and the community. He has quickly become a public face of PAC, recognized and respected by PAC staff, patrons, and the community as a whole. His whole-hearted commitment to the succession and continued development of youth sports has made him a respected leader in youth sports in Sublette County.

Joe has a quiet confidence that brings calm and control into situations. He is thoughtful and thorough in his work and gives 100% of his best effort in everything he does. He has taken the youth programs offered at PAC and put his whole self into making them the best programs possible. His personal investment to PAC and the programs he manages is obvious and he cares deeply for each and every participant. As a team member, Joe is the first to volunteer and is always looking for ways to help others and to show gratitude to others. From assisting with lifeguarding, to providing back-up in child care and instructing climbing classes on the wall, Joe is always there.

We are so thankful to have Joe as a part of our PAC team. He is sincere and humble, compassionate and hard working. He brings his best self to work each and every day and his presence brings out the very best in others. As one of his peers commented, PAC is a family and Joe is the big brother that always has your back.

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