PAC Reopening May 5

PAC will open with limited use on Tuesday, May 5!

We have appreciated the community’s support over the past several weeks and look forward to resuming our service to the community we love! During this phase 1 reopening, hours and access will be modified and limited. Please respect these safety measures during your visits to PAC.

If you are sick, have recently traveled, or are a member of a high risk demographic, please continue to stay home and do not visit PAC during the phase 1 reopening.


Monday - Friday 6am-1pm

Monday - Thursday 4pm-7pm


Mon/Wed/Fri 6am-1pm

Tue/Thur 4pm-7pm


During Phase I, the facility will be open to patrons ages 18+ for individual workout use only. Per the current order, no group fitness classes, recreational activities, youth programs, or group use will be allowed.

In support of recommendations from the county health officer, it is encouraged that patrons ages 80+ and patrons with underlying chronic health conditions avoid PAC during this first phase.

Also in support of the health officer’s efforts, a simple verbal health screening question will be asked to all patrons at the time of check-in. Be prepared to answer this yes/no question:

“Have you recently, or are you currently experiencing any of these conditions: cough, or shortness of breath, and two or more of the following: fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?”

If patrons are experiencing these symptoms, they will not be allowed to use the facility and advised to seek medical attention.

To keep accurate records of who is in the building, all patrons will be required to CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT.


The following areas will be AVAILABLE with restricted occupancy, which will be strictly enforced:

Competition Pool (occupancy 9)

  • One patron per lane. Only family change rooms will be available for changing; post pool showers are strongly discouraged during this phase.

Climbing Wall (occupancy 2)

  • PAC certified climbers only, must provide own climbing harness and shoes

Fitness Area (occupancy 6)

  • Every other piece of cardio equipment will be temporarily unavailable to allow for social distancing

Indoor Track (occupancy 2)

  • The middle lane will be closed with the inside and outside lanes being open for one person per lane.

  • Follow regular clockwise (even days) and counterclockwise (odd days) directions

Weight Room (occupancy 3)

Spectator Area (occupancy 2)

  • Available equipment will include jump boxes, pull up bar, and push sled. No other equipment will be available in this area during phase 1.

Racquetball Court (occupancy 4)

  • Not open for racquetball play. Stationary cardio equipment will be available including rower, ski erg, and spin bikes.


We are currently operating as a drop in, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, use. Depending on demand we may move to a reservation system. If you are concerned about availability, please call before entering PAC.

We ask that all patrons are respectful of sharing space and time, especially if others are waiting. Please limit workouts to 1 hour.


The expiration date on all memberships that were active on March 16th (closure begin date) will be extended by 52 days (# of days PAC is anticipated to be closed to the public, including through phase 1 operations). If you would like to donate back these extended days, please contact Guest Services or email us at

Daily admission and purchase of new memberships will still be processed during this phase. Purchase via credit/debit cards are preferred however cash and check will still be accepted.


Per mandates from the State of Wyoming order, the main locker rooms will remain CLOSED during the phase 1 reopening. The family change rooms will be available as a changing room for swimmers and the restrooms in the spectator area available for use.

Patrons with rental lockers will be allowed in one time only to retrieve their items but then will be expected to bring their items with them daily until locker rooms fully open. Lockers in the pool hallway will be available for daily use for swimmers only.


  1. Dress, if at all possible, in your workout gear and bring CLEAN SHOES (clear of dirt and rocks) to wear in the facility. Locker rooms will not be available and changing areas are reserved exclusively for swimmers.

  2. Bring your own, full, water bottle. Water fountains will be available for bottle refill only.

  3. The CDC recommends using a face covering in public areas, especially if social distancing measures are difficult. Use of face masks are optional for patrons at PAC.


  1. Respect others and do your part to maintain social distancing. This includes limiting workout time to allow others to access the area and minimizing socializing.

  2. Wash your hands before and after your workout. Hand sanitizer is also available in all workout areas.

  3. Per state order, all equipment is required to be cleaned by PAC staff after each patron use. Please assist us with this by placing used equipment in designated ‘cleaning drop zones’.

  4. Practice good gym etiquette and continue to disinfect the equipment before and after your use (in addition to the staff cleanings).


Due to COVID-19 impacts, PAC has furloughed 75% of our employees. Phase 1 reopening will be operated by the remaining employees. We have made all efforts to meet the mandates of the state order and support the efforts of our local health officer during this limited phase 1 reopening. These measures will include the following:

  • All staff will wear face coverings during open, public hours.

  • All staff will be required to do daily temperature and general health screenings at the start of each shift.

  • PAC staff will clean all equipment after each use.

  • In addition to the cleaning protocols in each area after each patron use, all areas will have a surface disinfecting every hour. This will include the wiping down of handrails, restrooms, door handles, and any other hard, frequently touched surfaces.

While PAC staff are doing all we can to safely operate in compliance with state mandates, the choice to use PAC during this phase 1 reopening is at the discretion of the individual. There are inherent risks when entering a public facility. If you have concerns or are a high risk individual, we encourage you to remain home and not use the facility during phase 1 operations.


Call Guest Services (307)367-2832, ext 3 during phase 1 operating hours or Director Amber Anderson (307)360-6738 during non-open hours.

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