Fitness Calendar

Coming Soon

April 19: Jr. Wrangler Track begins
April 22: CPR & First Aid Training
April 30: All Day Little Wrangler Friday
April 30: Adult Climbing Competition
May 3, 10, and 15: Gym to Crag Workshops

May 10: Coed Kickball League begins

May 14: All Day Little Wrangler Friday
May 20: CPR & First Aid Training
May 22: Youth Track Meet

May 30 thru Jun 6: Annual Shutdown PAC Closed
June 7: Little Wrangler Day Camp begins


PAC Hours:

Monday - Friday: 5am to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sundays: Closed

Note: pool hours and availability differ from facility hours. Check at guest services for current pool hours.